Sinteco Logistics has been active in the integrated logistics services sector for nearly 50 years.

Thanks to the wide range of services offered, Sinteco is able to maintain complete cover over the Supply Chain.
The flexible structure of the company therefore allows for personalized and structured solutions as a function of the Client's requirements, to whom we guarantee the highest level of service, documented by periodic reports.
The Re-engineering of warehouse flow patterns to optimize the logistics activities, control over all the process and the continuous training of collaborators, all come together to produce these results.

  • Receipt, checking and storage of goods
  • Receipt, verification and preparation of orders for dispatch
  • Loading, transportation and delivery of orders
  • Document and records management with regard to taxes and authorizations
  • On-line management of the accounting inventories
  • Customs warehousing, suspension of VAT and simplified customs procedures
  • Management of analysis certificates
  • Labelling and re-labelling, for safety and commercial
  • Packaging
  • Re-packaging

We manage tax deposits for products that are subject to excise duty in the warehouses of Landriano, Pavia and San Giuliano Milanese.

The products we mainly deal with are lubricating oils, alcoholic products, energetic products, alcoholic aromas.

We offer all the services of the warehouse logistics supply chain, including excise telematization services with direct connection to the customs electronic service, IN/OUT management of e-ADs, keeping of the loading/unloading registers, management of tax stamps and products with paid excise in areas authorized by the Customs Agency.


Sinteco Logistics, thanks to its proficiencies and its organizational structure, is able to support its Clients throughout their Supply Chain: Uplift of raw and intermediate materials as well as finished products; checking, storage, process picking, inventory management.


All the processes are managed by a computer system which has been developed internally by our I.T. company to cover all the requirements allied to detailed product management.
The warehouse map ties in the location to the product and the lot, from which complete traceability is guaranteed.

The disaster recovery procedure requires the continuous saving of all data onto a second computer system, such as to be able to intervene in the event of problems, without interrupting activities.

The Sinteco system can be interfaced with that of the client; our I.T. department has experience in interfacing with practically any type of management system: SAP, Navision, J Edwards, EDI, etc.

Sinteco Logistics, thanks to its proficiencies and its organizational structure, is able to support its Clients throughout their Supply Chain:

Direct uplift of raw and intermediate materials, as well as finished products from suppliers

Checking, storage and management of the inventory as a function of the product. Value added activities, picking, labelling, re-labelling, re-palletizing, packaging, palbox, display boxes, etc.)

Management of products subject to particular regulations: UTF, UVAC, Pharmaceuticals, Foodstuffs, etc. or particular regimes: Goods with foreign status, customs clearance, suspension of VAT, etc.

Receiving and processes of replenishment and/or consignment of orders

Preparation and checking of dispatch orders

Printing of any particular documents: COA, Technical cards, etc.

Dispatch and consignment to the final assignee

Client support service throughout the supply chain

Support from the Technical Management for obtaining of particular permits and authorizations



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