We aim to be the perfect Partner in order to provide the best service.

Our goal is to listen to our interlocutor, so we can recognize his needs and provide them in the best way.

We work on procedure, according to Lean Management’s principles, so we can improve the service we offer limiting costs at the same time.






  • Warehouse: We offer different flexible and taylor-made solutions for logistic, according to all the products’ requirements in order to optimize spaces and to improve goods’ handling.
  • Handling: We manage all the IN and OUT activities. Thanks to a customized digital program, we make all the procedures easier and faster and we reduce the error risks.
  • Additional activities: Labelling, relabeling, repalletizing, providing palboxes and display boxes and so on.
  • Distribution: Our network is always well managed and controlled, so we are able to track the order during its all distribution process. It is something unique for the field of integrated logistic.


  • Customer service: Customer service is one of the main important aspects for us and that why we pay attention to this dedicated activity. Our teas is really skilled, flexible and ready to solve any kind of problems.
  • Education: It’s our starting point, it’s the first step to have an efficient and highly motivated team, always ready to help our clients.
  • Insurance: We have one internal office that cares about insurances. We cooperate with the most important National and International companies in order to provide the best customized service.
Information about logistic

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Thanks to our expertise and to our organization, we are able to support out clients during all the supply chain.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

  • Beverage
  • Grocery
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • House cleaning products

Dangerous goods for the environment

  • Lubricants
  • Cleansers
  • Batteries
  • Paints
  • Chemical products

Final products

  • Spare parts
  • Items for the thermo-hydraulic sector
  • Items for bricolage
  • Tools
  • Fashion items
  • Medical devices
  • Writing materials
  • Household products
  • Writing materials
  • Items for the automotive sector
  • Items for lighting
  • Small appliances
  • Publishing sector
  • Toys

In house logistics

  • Process analysis
  • Planning
  • Start-up
  • Management

We manage tax warehouses for excisable products in the warehouses of Landriano and Pavia and Massalengo.

The mainly treated products are: lubricating oils, alcoholic products, energy products, alcoholic flavors.

We offer all the operations related to the warehouse logistics chain, including the excise electronic data transmission operations with the direct connection to the customs telematic program, the IN / OUT management of the e-AD, the keeping of loading / unloading registers, the management of the tax marks and of the excise paid products in the areas authorized by the Agency of Customs.


Tiesse has private customs warehouses with tax warehouse for VAT purposes combined with import-export, storage and distribution activities

These tools are the added benefits of our job and are the key factor for new logistic models in terms of quality and profitability.

Our operating platforms are enabled to carry out any type of customs operations.

We have Private Customs warehouses for a total area of ​​50,000 square meters with Tax Warehouse for VAT purposes.

We are able, within the area assigned to us by the Customs, to carry out all the logistics activities, and so, in Italy as well as in other countries, we can manage goods in many different ways.

Our staff is able to offer all the necessary and qualified assistance to solve any mandate related to the custom field.


Tiesse has a portfolio of around 90,000 m2 of official warehouse according to the directive 96/82/EC, also known as the Seveso II Directive. They are all of recent construction and they are just ideal for the storage of chemical classified products.



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