and Environment

Tiesse commits daily to reducing its impact on the environment and to contribute towards safeguarding natural resources

We mapping our activities, with the aim of highlighting what impact they might have on the environment in relation to the company processes: movements and management of products of various kinds, warehousing and transport, right up to delivery at the destination.
All this translates into a continuous monitoring of electricity, water and gas consumption at every operational site, comparing individual consumption rates with the same period of the previous year.
This allows us to monitor for any anomalies and waste in relation to the plants and the activities carried out.

Every year we perform a series of energy audits were carried out, for identifying any critical areas and carrying improvement strategies.
On integration of this work, the impact of pollutants issued by the transport vehicles was also evaluated in relation to the renewal of the company fleet, right up to evaluating the whole paper-based document management system which today has been minimised, organizing an intranet network which offers the possibility for each individual operator to access the necessary documentation for the processes of various activities without having to print individual documents.

From 2018 we were integrated our fleet whit liquid natural gas trucks (GNL).




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